CBD/THC Slingshot Effect, Bhangini, Cannabis & Sperm Count (Episode 14)

CBD/THC Slingshot Effect, Bhangini, Cannabis & Sperm Count (Episode 14)

This week’s cannabis bonanza features Greer Barnes (actor/comedian), the unapologetic farmer Randy Cameron Jr., Jahan Marcu, Ph.D, and special guest Dan “Grassroots” Goldman from the MJToday podcast. While our resident Clinical Social Worker is at the beach, she does call us to Check In!

• The Check In
• Our word of the day is: Bhangini
• Research Focus/High Science: 1975 “The Effects of Cannabinoids in Man”
• CannaBusting – Finding or Fiction? We will test your knowledge of recent cannabis news and science
• Mind Munchies

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Bhangini : an ancient sanskrit and hindi word for cannabis translating to “breaks three kinds of misery”.

The article for today’s High Science, is a trip through the wayback machine to 1975 and covers a foundational study documenting the so-called “slingshot effect”, a term used to describe the effects of taking THC and CBD together, which has been described on social media and other anecdotal reports.

Science Article:
Interactions in Man of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol – Cannabinol and Cannabidiol
• When taken orally CBD can delay onset, increase duration and intensity of THC
• This occurs because CBD can block the liver metabolism of drugs
• The effect appears slight in this study


More Notes on the 75’ study:
Oral doses of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 20 mg, combined with placebo or with 40 mg doses of cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidiol (CBD), were given to volunteers. The combination of THC with CBN produced no detectable changes in the quality, intensity, or duration of the effects of THC alone. The THC-CBD combination tended to delay onset and prolong effects of THC, while making them somewhat more intense. Even this interactive effect was slight, providing no reason to abandon the current practice of basing doses of marihuana for clinical studies solely on THC content. At the very most, the presence of comparatively large amounts of CBD in combination with THC may have increased slightly its clinical effects. CBD has been reported to be a potent inhibitor of hydroxylating enzymes. Such an action could delay formation of the Il-hydroxymetabolite, one which is known to be somewhat more potent than the parent substance. This action might also delay formation of dihydroxymetabolites, which are generally assumed to be inactive. Thus, the clinically observed slower onset and longer duration of the THC-CBD combination might possibly be explained by this mechanism.

CANNABUSTING: Finding or Fiction?
When you hear strange things about Marijuana…Who you gonna Call?! CANNABUSTERS!

A news report stated that in all, 31,075 people are registered with the program. Fewer than half of registered Ohio medical marijuana patients buying product:

A grandmother, Hester Burkhalter, is threatening to sue Disney and Orange county police of Florida, represented by Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump. Charges were dropped, but she is suing over things like spending 12 hours in jail while waiting to post bail…

“You stole my schedule 1 drug recipe!” THC and CBD Extract Patent May Be Enforced, Dispute Headed for Jury Trial

Pure Hemp previously filed a motion for partial summary judgment back in November, which if granted, would have ruled some of UCANN’s patent claims invalid. The premise of Pure Hemp’s motion was that UCANN’s claims aren’t actually patentable and such “substantially pure liquid CBD products are ubiquitous” in the marketplace.


Men’s cannabis use increasing twice as fast as women’s
Since legalization took place this past October, the percentage of men in Canada who’ve used cannabis in the past three months increased by 3.3 percent. The increase for women was 1.7 percent.
Conclusion: Cannabis containing equivalent concentrations of CBD and THC appears no less impairing than THC-dominant cannabis, and in some circumstances, CBD may actually exacerbate THC-induced impairment.

I use this quote to help determine what I think is a drug and what is not a drug:
“A drug is a substance which, if injected into a rabbit, produces a paper.” – Otto Loewi

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