How Long Do CBD Oil Effects Last?

How Long Do CBD Oil Effects Last?

Hemp CBD Oil
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Results will vary from person to person. So these are general guidelines but I get this question enough I wanted to provide the best answer I can.

Quickest onset 5-10 minutes
Typically lasts about 2-3 hours
Highest efficacy (up to 90% is absorbed)

Onset 30-45 minutes
On average lasts about 4 hours
Medium efficacy (average 45%- 55% is absorbed)

Onset 20-30 minutes
On average effects are a wide ranges lasting anywhere from 5-10 hours and for some people the effects last all day.
High efficacy taken sublingually (average up to 75% absorbed)

Onset average 60-90 minutes
Lasts about 4-5 hours
Low efficacy (a lot is undigested and wasted)

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