How to Stop a Puppy From Crying at Night

How to Stop a Puppy From Crying at Night

As pet lovers, we’re all familiar with that puppy crying sound that makes us want to rush over and comfort our fur babies. If you’re a new puppy parent, you probably hear that sound when your puppy is crying in the crate at night. We’ll show you how to stop a puppy crying at night so you can get the rest that you deserve. After all, being a puppy parent is a tough job.

We know how heartbreaking it can be to hear your puppy crying, so we’re here to help! Crate training is an essential part of puppy training because it helps teach your puppy that being alone can be a good thing. Sometimes it can be really difficult to be the strong puppy parent and enforce good behavior, especially when your puppy is making that puppy crying sound. You should ask yourself “Why is my puppy crying?” because that can help determine your next training steps. It’s quite common for puppies to cry in their crate at first. With a lot of patience and consistency, you can help determine the root of puppy crying and learn how to stop a puppy crying. All this training will pay off when your pup reaches doghood.

Chewy is here to help your puppy become the best dog he can be! We’ve got plenty of puppy treats and puppy toys to help you with puppy training. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you learn how to stop puppy crying at night, the more beauty sleep you and your fur friend can get tonight! Check out our channel for more helpful dog training videos and of course, more adorable puppy videos.

Special thanks to Ashley Lambert, Professional Dog Trainer and Brand Specialist at Applause Your Paws

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