IV:XX Ep. 1 – How to Shop for CBD Products – Cannabinoid Series – Strain Genie – DNA Based

IV:XX Ep. 1 –  How to Shop for CBD Products – Cannabinoid Series – Strain Genie – DNA Based

Confused about what CBD based product is best?
Here is a how-to guide to assist you with things to look for and things to watch out for.

My time expired! I tried so hard to keep it to 4 minutes and 20 seconds!

I had hoped to have this posted earlier today, I am still a noob at editing … slow process! Thanks so much for watching …. Seriously! I hope you are as fascinated as I am about the science behind it all!

Points of Reference:
Get your customized Cannabis Health Report at Strain Genie and more information on the ever so intriguing entourage effects:

To Vape or Smoke a product with high CBD to level out the effects of THC this is a great product to help with your cannabis experience. The PAX Era has a personal customizable app for your PHONE!! along with Certificates of Analysis for most (if not all) of the Pax Pods you can purchase! … You can basically shop for PODs just using their app

Topicals and Oils
Check out this article on Glycerin –

Be a cannabisque nerd with me every Monday and Friday! Watch weekly!

Be sure to post comments below. I will monitor and tailor new content to encompass all the areas you want to know and learn more about! This channel is for YOU!

On Friday I will do a follow up of Monday’s featured cannabinoid.

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