Science Finds CBD Oil Damaged

Science Finds CBD Oil Damaged

Discover the future of CBD Oil, a new method that is eco-friendly which eliminates harsh chemicals, machines and damage done to the medicinal value of the plant.

My Nutra understands that the statements made in the video are very serious and could negatively impact the CBD oil market. To show our sincerity, integrity and seriousness, My Nutra will 100% back up that CBD oil is inferior compared to Hemp Paste and will “Put our money where our mouth is” and do a $50,000.00 Hemp Cook Off with any company or individual who would like to challenge the claim that CBD oil is inferior to Hemp Paste or the whole plant, based on lab tests. For more info please visit

Presented by:
Luis Alberto Acevedo Jr.,
Video produced by: Brad Morehouse, Vienna Morehouse and Tanya Mellow

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