Ultrasound Training Gallbladder

Ultrasound Training Gallbladder

Indications for ultrasound of the gallbladder: https://www.simtics.com/shop/imaging/sonography/abdominal/ultrasound-assessment-of-the-gallbladder/

– Identify gallbladder anatomy
– Explain gallbladder physiology
– List clinical symptoms of gallbladder disease

Gallbladder protocol

-Patient preparation
-Transducer selection and preset selection
-Patient positioning
-Transducer positions
-Scan planes
-Identify and obtain sonographic images of the gallbladder, bile ducts, and portal triad
-Identify and obtain sonographic images of the extrahepatic biliary system
-Obtain measurements of the gallbladder and related structures

Explain and demonstrate the use of breathing techniques to obtain optimal sonographic images of the gallbladder

Differentiate normal and abnormal sonographic appearances of the gallbladder

List and identify common neoplasms of the gallbladder

Explain the Patient’s Bill of Rights, HIPAA Privacy Rule, and Patient Safety Act


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